Flash Filesystems

vmware VM stored on usb flash drive

  • vmware kb on flash (logging, disk performance)
  • linux ssd tweaks (also) summary: elevator=noop (grub) and tmpfs (fstab) inside vm; elevator=noop and block/sda/queue/scheduler=anticipatory (sysfsutils->sysfs.conf) on linux host
  • clean install of ubuntu natty (11.04) desktop + ros diamondback desktop-full is just under 7GB as a vmware image (TBD inside guest)
  • 8GB (6.9GB inside guest) with extra packages emacs23, libstdc++6-4.5-doc, sun-java6-jdk, avr-libc, avrdude, eclipse, pydev (installed as per this)
  • when booting VM on a new machine, select "I moved it", not "I copied it" (though the latter should not be fatal; the main difference is that with "copy" semantics the VM gets a new MAC, in part so that the "new" and "old" copies can coexist on a network (and in part so that software licensing schemes based on MAC uniqueness "work"))
  • to permentantly say "I moved it" set uuid.action = "keep" in vmx

ubuntu on pandaboard

  • tips from Peter: start main partition on a 4GB boundary, use 8k blocks in filesystem